OEM & ODM & Quick Shipping

OEM & ODM & Quick Shipping


For nearly 60 years, we have been providing OEM services for fabrics and garments for workwear uniform customers all over the world, such as supplying ready-made garments for well-known brands Roly , Workteam in Spain, and supplying fabrics for well-known brands Barco, Landau, Wonderwink, Chefwork, etc. in the United States.

Meanwhile, we can meet customers' needs such as antibacterial, anti-wrinkle, deodorization, regeneration, flame retardant, triple-proof (water/stain/oil proof), blood splash proof, UV proof, anti-static and other technological capabilities.

We know very well what is most important to our customers and how it should be applied in various industries.


In order to help customers improve product power and cost performance, Fuyi Group has established an apparel design team in 2014 to design products for customers' sourcing needs.

We not only design the product style, but also help customers control the cost of the whole garment making process, starting from raw materials and process to the finished garment and process.

OEM & ODM & Quick Shipping

Ready To Ship

With years of deep plowing in the field of workwear uniforms, long-term close cooperation with customers, and in-depth research and analysis of the market, Fuyi Group has a further understanding of this industry.

Through our understanding of the current and future market trends, as well as insight into the grasp of business and consumer needs, and then after systematic big data analysis, we design and launch products that cater to the needs of end consumers every month, while completing mass production and placing them in the warehouse. Customers can place orders directly if there is a demand, and the products are shipped quickly, which helps customers save time and cost greatly.


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