Comprehensive After-Sales Service

Comprehensive After-Sales Service

Traditional One-to-One After-Sales Service:

The core ideology of our work is never about order sales, but about improving customer satisfaction.

A service department of more than 40 after-sales specialists is dedicated to meticulously control and supervise every operational aspect of all orders, to stop problems in time, and to deal with them to ensure that the quality of goods sent to customers meets industry standards and the delivery time is timely.

When customers receive the goods, any dissatisfaction with the quality and delivery time, you can contact us online, we will be the first time to deal with one-on-one solution.

 Comprehensive After-Sales Service

Third-party Inspection Service:

We accept and provide third-party inspection services, such as SGS, Intertek, BV, TuVRheinland.

Comprehensive After-Sales Service

Market Research and Analysis Report Service:

Every year, Fuyi Group purchases market industry analysis reports through professional organizations and supports direct downloads on the Fuyi website.

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