Deal in 5,000 Pieces of Workwear

Deal in 5,000 Pieces of Workwear

What do We Bring to Zavyon?

Zavyon achieved a 20% increase in turnover after working with us.

-Opportunities & Challenges

My name is Zavyon and I am the business manager of an apparel company. Our main business is outdoor clothing, our main products include soft shell jackets, work pants, shirts, vests, etc. We provide outdoor clothing wholesale to local retail stores. We provide outdoor clothing wholesale to local retail stores. 2021 is a turning point for our company. We are experiencing challenges in expanding to new customers. New customers are difficult to develop and there are not enough clothing styles to meet the needs of our customers. So I needed to find a larger supplier of clothing to meet the needs of our customers.

I spoke to my good friend Deneidra about the problem I was meeting. She introduced an experienced workwear supplier to me, Fuyi Workwear, who Deneidra had been working with. She also gave me the contact information of the salesperson of this supplier.


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-Selection and Trust

I soon contacted Joyce, the salesperson at Fuyi Workwear, who patiently explained their wide range of clothing and styles, as well as their customization service. I also browsed their website, which showed a really rich and diverse range of products. So, I purchased 10 samples from Fuyi Workwear according to my customer's needs.

After 15 days, I received the samples and I sent them to my customers. They were very satisfied with the quality and style of the samples. Having discussed with the leaders of the company, we decided to wholesale 2000 pieces of soft shell jackets, work pants and vests from Fuyi Workwear. After talking to Joyce about our needs, he gave us a discount. So, I decided to pay the deposit.


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After a month and a half, we received 5,000 pieces of soft shell jackets, work pants and vests. We sold 1000 pieces of soft-shell jackets to a brand company that we have been working with for a long time. They gave us feedback that the 500 pieces of soft-shells were sold out in half a month. Later, when we were developing new customers, we showed them the clothes and they were very interested. In the end, we got 3 new customers with the remaining 1,500 pieces of clothes.

After working with Fuyi Workwear, our turnover increased by a full 20% in the second half of 2021. It was a huge breakthrough. So, we decided to keep a long-term cooperation with Fuyi Workwear. They are worthy to trust.

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