Cooperate with Workwear Chain Store

Cooperate with Workwear Chain Store

Samson 's Self-portrait

Show the real experience for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us about your wholesale plan. It's our pleasure to help you.

-My Business

My name is Samson and I am from Boston, U.S.A. I opened a chain of workwear stores in this city 20 years ago. And now I run the chain store with my father. Our customers are in the construction, transportation, construction site, rescue, cleaning and other industries. We have our own brand and we mainly deal with safety jackets, protective clothing, work pants and other functional work wear. Our clientele has been relatively stable. Because we maintain long-term cooperation with dozens of local rescue companies, cleaning companies, and construction companies.

-Demand for Customization

Recently, we have a new cooperation with another 5 companies, who are more strict about the color and size of workwear. A lot of the workwear needed to be customized, but I couldn't meet their requirements because other suppliers couldn't provide such urgent customization services.

-Finding Suppliers

One day, I found a lot of suppliers when I searched for wholesale custom workwear on Google. One of them, a company called Fuyi Workwear, caught my attention. I went to their website and saw that they had a high volume customization service. I sent an inquiry to their sales person Nicole. Surprisingly, within 1 minute I received a reply and she patiently explained to me the mechanism of their customization service. I was very interested in the customization service they offer, so I bookmarked the site immediately. However, I didn't place an order with their company right away because I wanted to compare a few more.

-Trial Order

The next day, I found 3 more businesses online that offered workwear customization. It was hard to tell which company was the best just by browsing their websites. So I bought custom workwear samples from Fuyi Workwear and other three companies. After 15 days, I received the workwear samples from Fuyi. And after 20 days, I received workwear samples from the other three companies in succession. After comparing them, I decided to choose Fuyi Workwear. Because they promised the earliest delivery date, good quality of workwear with lower price, which could best meet my requirements.

-Formal Cooperation

After I decided to choose Fuyi, I ordered 2000 pieces of custom workwear from them. After receiving the goods within the specified time, it once again proved that I made the right choice. My customers were also very satisfied with Fuyi's custom workwear. And all 5 of them signed a long-term contract with me. I am very grateful to Fuyi for all the help they have given me.

-Long-term Cooperation

Since then, I now buy from Fuyi Workwear regularly, and now we are firm business partners. They are the first to tell me when they have various novel designs, which makes my products more attractive. I am really glad that I have chosen Fuyi, my important partner in the future. They provide professional services and high-quality products that make me go farther than my peers.

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