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How did we reach the big 10 million orders? Both product quality and custom services play a significant role in the big deal.

-Difficulty for My Business

I am the CEO of a workwear company that I started from scratch more than ten years ago. I started my business to provide an affordable and well-dressed workwear supply to social service organizations, so that the staff serving nursing homes, social security and charity organizations could wear high quality and well-fitting clothes. The difficulty I encountered was to find a reliable supplier and in 2020, with the help of a huge supply system in China, I started working with different platforms. During this time, I ran into a few of them, but the physical feeling I got was really not very good, either quality or customization issues. And for me, they could offer a single style with very few choices, which really made it difficult until I came across Fuyi Workwear company.

I found out about Fuyi Workwear through social media channels. I learned that they have many product designs and a wide range of customization services, which greatly expanded our choices. In addition, Fuyi Workwear is also a company that has a large production and processing system. They have abundant resources of finished products that can be shipped at any time. They are very friendly to buyers with large quantities and multiple styles. At a certain cost, we have more choices. Every time we work together, the sales staff is always attentive to our specific needs, which saves me a lot of time in research and testing.

fuyi workwear manufacturer

-My Special Needs

On the other hand, I would like to say that I recognize the quality of Fuyi Workwear products. Based on the advantages of multiple styles and customization services mentioned above, Fuyi's prices are still very reasonable. Compared to similar suppliers, I can get very affordable prices from them. After studying many aspects, I purchased 20 custom samples from Fuyi Workwear. About 15 weeks later, I received the products I ordered. After testing by professionals, their workwear fully met the standards we required.

fuyi work shirt factory

-A Gimmer of Hope

The first collaboration with Fuyi Workwear gave me a strong sense of confidence and hope. So, in less than a month, we are planning a second collaboration. This time, the quantity and style have been greatly expanded. Our workwear has also been recognized and well received by the organizations and staff serving the community with whom we have been working for a long time. So far, we have been working together for two years. Based on the pre-orders in hand and the trust in Fuyi Workwear products, I believe we can have a longer-term cooperation.

fuyi workwear supplier and factory

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